We drive our sustainable mission through Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme. Our Origin Green Plan directs us to continuously build upon an ethos of sustainability.

Our sustainable plan


  1. To strive without reserve for the greatest possible traceability and quality in our products, contributing always to the welfare of our customers.

  2. To be the unsurpassed standard of comparison in delivering the functionality of natural foods to consumers.

  3. To continually seek ways in which to bring nature’s vitality to our diet.


  1. Stretch to 100% sustainability-sourced raw material

  2. Plant 100 new trees

  3. Yearly packaging sustainability audit

  4. Create 5 new frog ponds

  5. To have heart healthy bread available across the EU


Our focus is on the consumer and biodiversity

Sustainable garden.png


To plant our 100 new Origin Green trees, we identified a piece of land which we could protect from sheep. We began potting up our trees in November 2017 and we transplanted the first trees into the dedicated area in May 2018.



To create our 5 new frog ponds we had to reclaim the pond area which had been choked by invasive weeds. By December 2017 we’d removed over 2 tonnes of weeds in the hope of attracting frogs in the Spring of 2018. The frogs voted with their feet, or more accurately their spawn, in the late Spring. As the algae built up over the Spring we supplemented the tadpoles’ diet with vegetables like cucumber.  The pond also attracted a diverse range of creatures, including dragon flies, sedge flies, newts and pond skaters.

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