Feel good pastas for the family

The great-tasting organic pasta range with health benefits for guilt-free carbs 

We’ve taken the best of Italian artisan pasta and infused it with just the right amount of organic Irish seaweed to give you all of the seaweed benefits and none of the seaweed taste.

Busy, active or health-conscious people and their families can feel good with meals from the smRt pasta range.

smRt organic pastas contains the right amount of iodine to promote good thyroid function, a good metabolism, good cognitive and nervous system function, healthy skin, and normal growth in children.

smRt pastas are 100% organic, 100% sustainably sourced and free from all colourings, preservatives and additives.

There’s a gluten-free option and the range is ideal for vegans, pescetarians and vegetarians.

  • smRt penne

  • smRt fusilli

  • smRt gluten-free fusilli

  • smRt macaroni

Available in: 250g packs to feed 2-3 people and boxes of 12 packs, with a 24-month shelf life


-       Organic+

-       High in Iodine

-       High in Fibre

-       Source of Protein

-       Allows for salt reduction (because it's rich in natural flavour enhancer)

-       Hand-made, small-batch artisan pasta

-       No seaweed taste

-       Ready in 6-8 minutes

-       Check out our recipes page for great complements to your pasta meal

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