“For Irish soda breads, smRt bake is a perfect ingredient to complement fresh buttermilk and Irish wholemeal flour. It locks in moisture and ensures your bread stays fresh.”

— Michael McCambridge, McCambridges Bread

smRt bake - Making your baking healthier

Use it in your breads, pastas, hard cheese and chocolate. Add it to your pre-mixes.

smRt bake is a convenient, easy-to-use dried and milled seaweed blend which we’ve specially designed for culinary use, from large commercial operations to chefs, artisan bakers and home cooks. We use natural, sustainable, organic Irish seaweeds.

It naturally produces a softer bread that stays fresh for much longer than the bread you're used to, which dramatically cuts down the amount you waste.

smRt bake will help you clean your product labels and reduce the need for improvers. It’s also a great addition to your menu and ticks the healthy lifestyle box for you.

It’s great for people with gluten and dairy intolerances, vegans, pescetarians and vegetarians.

Available in: 800g buckets or 20kg bags, with a 24-month shelf life


-       Adds nutrients (like iodine, vitamins and other good stuff)

-       No seaweed taste (unless you like to taste the sea, in which case add more)

-       Better crumb (better structure according to the experts)

-       Allows for increased hydration (and so lasts longer)

-       Softer bake (for a spongier texture)

-       Allows for salt reduction (because it’s rich in natural flavour enhancer)

-       Reduces waste (because it prolongs the life of the bread)

-       Better for freezing and thawing (because of the increased hydration)

-       Better par-baked goods (because of the increased hydration)

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