“Connemara Food Ventures organic dried seaweed is one of the best products I have used this year. I use them in breads, sauces, butters and chowder. I would highly recommend them.”

— Tim O’Sullivan, Executive Chef, Renvyle House Hotel

smRt dulse - Making your food healthier

Use it in your flavoured butters, cheeses, condiments and garnishes. It’s excellent as dressing for smoked fish. 

smRt dulse is convenient, easy-to-add dried and milled seaweed flakes which we’ve specially designed for commercial and home culinary use. We use natural, sustainable, organic Irish seaweeds.

For those of you who love the taste of the sea, you can use it as a seaweed flavour and garnish.

smRt dulse is a great addition to your menu and ticks the healthy lifestyle box for you. 

It’s great for people with gluten and dairy intolerances, vegans, pescetarians and vegetarians.

Available in: 250g buckets, with a 24-month shelf life


-       Adds nutrients (like iodine, vitamins and other good stuff)

-       Lovely dulse flavour (subtle seaweed taste)

-       Has a super colour (to enhance any dish)

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