Feel great and reduce salt intake

Anima sana in corpore sano – a healthy body, a healthy mind. An increasingly large number of people are cutting out the bad stuff, the heavily processed foods, and upping their intake of the good stuff: natural, healthy foods.

Seaweed contains soluble fibre, which leads us to feel fuller for longer, and can help lower bad cholesterol. A healthy lifestyle increases our performance, and when we’re physically well, we’re mentally at the top of our game too.

A good healthy diet is the twin sibling of regular exercise, and many active people are creating their own meals to support their lifestyle and their families too. They’re eating smRt pasta at meal times and smRt health bars for healthy snacks. They’re also baking their own healthy bread and even making their own healthy pasta. The smRt range and recipes are key to this lifestyle.

As a species we’re addicted to sugar and salt, and we use salt for more flavour all the time. Seaweed contains umami, a natural glutamate and a flavour enhancer for savoury foods. Eating foods with the seaweed goodness inside helps health-conscious people reduce their salt intake and still enjoy their meals.

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