A scientifically proven superfood

With so much processed food out there, convenience is easy, but keeping good health and an active lifestyle for you or your family is hard.

Enter seaweed, the superfood scientifically proven to promote a healthy body, mind, and the healthy growth of kids – naturally. It also makes your bread stay fresh way longer, so what’s not to like?

With the smRt range of ingredients, we've made it easy for you get those essential nutrients and health benefits into your everyday meals. You and your family can get all of the seaweed goodness and none of the seaweed taste in wide variety of recipes.

Premium pasta with health benefits

Everyone loves pasta, especially kids, and while superfoods like seaweed are healthy, they’re hard to find and have a questionable taste. What if you could combine the two and create something brand new that tastes really good and makes you feel good too?

The smRt pasta range provides your family with great-tasting pasta, infused with a little Irish seaweed for all the health benefits and none of the taste you associate with seaweed. That’s what we call #feelgoodfood.

smRt pasta cooks in 6-8 minutes and is naturally rich in iodine, proven to support a healthy thyroid and normal growth in children.

Is someone coeliac in your family? We produce a gluten-free fusilli made with organic rice flour and, yes, it tastes great as well.

Health bars for families on the go

smRt health bars turn snacks into guilt-free snacks, since they come with health benefits. We’ve added just the right amount of our seaweed blends to give you the goodness inside and none of the seaweed taste. Our seaweed blends are rich in iodine, which is proven to support normal thyroid function and normal growth in children.

If you’re a busy active person, or maybe a training professional or amateur athlete, you’ll find smRt health bars a great-tasting energy boost to keep you moving.

smRt health bars are also a great alternative to the sugary treats your kids look for in their lunch box.

smRt bars are gluten-free, dairy-free and free from anything artificial. They contain only 5 natural ingredients (or 6 ingredients in the mint-flavoured and orange-flavoured bars).

Contact us to find out where you can buy smRt health bars and pasta, or buy them online.