Serve great pasta meals, conveniently

smRt pasta is a range of high quality, artisan pastas infused with a little organic Irish seaweed, turning the standard, humble pasta product into a healthy-giving superfood.

This is great-tasting seaweed pasta that doesn’t taste like seaweed. The 2% infusion gives you the health bragging rights and your chefs don’t have to take time out to make your pasta from scratch. It’s a win-win for you and your clientele.

Hotels and restaurants also take our gluten-free fusilli to broaden the menu for their coeliac clients. It cooks beautifully and tastes great too. There are also some recipes ideas for what to pair with smRt pasta here.

smRt pasta product sheet.

Better bread, less waste, cha ching!

How much bread are you throwing out every week? Across the UK and Ireland it's 44% on average – 44%!. Seaweed from smRt is the magic ingredient. It’s also a fascinating, healthy superfood you can call out on your menu. You’re even contributing to the wellness of your clientele too.

There’s no seaweed taste to your bread, and no matter how good it now tastes, it’s also staying fresher for longer, naturally, even after slicing.

Get your chefs to give it a try. You won’t be sorry, and you won’t be throwing bread away either.

smRt seaweed ingredients product sheet.

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