“Since finding the smRt range I have made seaweed products in almost 20 countries. smRt bake not only adds nutrition but keeps you fuller for longer. The extra hydration achieved by adding smRt bake extends shelf life and assists the crumb structure of the bread”

— Jimmy Griffin, Master Baker

Bake perfect bread every time

Seaweed is a novel ingredient. It’s got cachet, and a serious set of health benefits. If only you could get seaweed on your menu, give your customers a new food experience, without that cloying seaweed taste…

Chefs and master bakers have developed the smRt range to make it easy for you bake perfect bread every time, and made with ingredients that will catch the attention of your customers. What’s more, the seaweed properties mean that your bread won’t dry out, even after slicing, so you should be able to end wastage for ever.

In return you get a richer menu, more satisfied, returning customers and you spend less time baking great bread.

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