Could this simple nutrient Iodine have prevented my health Issues

The thyroid gland uses iodine to make thyroid hormones. Our bodies don’t produce this, we need to ingest iodine daily for a healthy thyroid. A lot of today’s food are low in iodine and many of us may be iodine deficient.  The thyroid is responsible for energy metabolism in the body. without adequate number of hormones there is a stress on the thyroid, and it can become impaired.

Through lack of knowledge about the importance of iodine and stress, I created a health issue that may have been prevented with adequate iodine.  I started experiencing symptoms such as cold intolerance, weight gain, extreme tiredness, high cholesterol and mild depression when I was pregnant with my third baby. I put this down to being pregnant but after tests found out that I had severe hypothyroidism.  I was put on medication and will stay on this for the rest of my life. This medication is to replace the thyroid hormones that my thyroid could no longer produce. I had spent years being highly stressed, eating the wrong foods and over exercising.  Those factors along with 5 pregnancies in 8 years put too much strain on my thyroid so it stopped producing thyroid hormones. Could this have been prevented with more iodine in my diet? It would have helped I believe. The World Health organisation have started that many pregnant women are deficient in iodine. The demand for iodine increases with pregnancy although it is never given the same focus as folic acid.

Through this I started making healthy snacks at home with nuts and dried fruits and seaweed. The kids loved them. This then grew to selling them at market stalls to manufacturing them when demand out grew our supplies. We now have a host of everyday food products with seaweed such as health bars and pasta.  Our mission is to make people healthier and protect their thyroid by adding organic Irish seaweeds to their everyday foods.

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