6 Things We Learned at BioFach 2019

Musings on world’s largest organic fair…

Musings on world’s largest organic fair…

Now that that dust has settled on a great BioFach event and we’re busy following up on some great meetings and connections, we thought it would be useful to share with you the 6 main things we took away from the event. Some of these things we knew anyway, and perhaps you did too, but there’s nothing like having them validated by the thousands of people and conversations reverberating around the halls.

A big thank you to our partners and good friends Bord Bia whp put in hundreds of collective hours to make sure the Origin Green programme and associated events went smoothly and productively for us all.

So here they are, the big 6 takeaways from the premier organic fair in the world, 2019:

  1. Size. The German organic market is big, really big. It’s second only to the US market, and not by much. Hence the 9 halls filled with exhibitors, visitor and journalists at BioFach

  2. Organic-plus. Consumers are looking for something more than organic now. Organic is a given these days, as is sustainable sourcing and production. You can’t take an unhealthy product and make it in a healthy way. We’re big on organic-plus, as in organic plus the heath benefits of our seaweed-infused products, hence our organic+ branding and the liberal use of the hashtag #organic+

  3. Brexit. Brexit is the huge elephant in the room. Everyone was preoccupied with it and concerned by it. It’s not just customs, it’s a thousand other small details we’ve taken for granted working with the UK for the last 40-some years. For example, there are challenges around organic certification from UK bodies and their standing in EU markets. The knock-on effect is felt in Ireland too, even though for our smRt products the Irish organic certs carry their usual weight in Europe’s key markets

  4. The world is going online. Online sales of organic products in Germany are the norm and traditional channels are competing hard with online channels or they risk being disintermediated altogether. smRt products are available through physical stores as well as online

  5. Private label is very important, as retailers with a serious brand presence look to manufacturers to develop products under the retailer’s brand. We were approached by a lot of retail firms looking at this option

  6. Finally, the protein trend is no longer a trend, it’s mainstream. Almost everyone’s on the bandwagon at this stage. Before protein it was low carb. We saw fibre making a comeback at BioFach and health is very big. Did we mention the health benefits associated with our premium pasta range and healthy snack bars?

We look forward to BioFach 2020 on the 12th to 15th February!

To discuss our take on what’s happening in the world of organic food and how you can capitalise on the opportunities or get the health benefits, please do get in touch with us here.