Your First Seaweed Story Round-Up of 2019

Our periodic review of all things seaweed

Our periodic review of all things seaweed

It’s been a while since our last round-up of seaweed-based stories, but we’ve had a lot going on with the recent launch of our smRt health bars, which get their official launch this week at BioFach, surely the world’s largest organic food fair. In the mean time, here’s the pick of articles about algae.

  • Seaweed is a potentially great source for combating global warming, according to the researchers in the US in this article from Coastal Review Online from November 2018

  • A company in Hawaii has been awarded a whopping $3.3m to turn seaweed into food, fuel and feed, in this piece from the aptly titled

  • The Big Issue asks the question if we can really rely on seaweed as the sustainable superfood of the future. As a side note, all smRt ingredients are sustainably sourced on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

  • Here’s a Mintel report which notes a 147% increase in the launch of seaweed-based food and drink products between 2011 and 2015. Expect the statistics for 2015 to 2019 to be at least as impressive, is our guess

  • Seaweed-based snacks are going down well down under according to research published in January 2019 by Food Processing website in Australia

  • of Canada delves into the surprising health benefits of edible seaweed in this short article (not surprising to us, but benefits all the same)

  • The Guardian wades in - pun intended - with a story about why seaweed is the secret weapon in the kitchen, though we could save you the time and effort of foraging with our blends of smRt ingredients

  • Last but not least, The Irish Times explores ‘Seaweed - Ireland’s nutritional gift from winter’ and covers ancient seaweed traditions still being practised in Ireland

That’s your seaweed lot, for the time being anyway :-).

See here for recipe ideas using seaweed or smRt pasta, or get in touch with us directly.