Seaweed is Going Mainstream - Part 2

Brown, greed and red seaweed in its natural environment

Brown, greed and red seaweed in its natural environment

A while back we published a post on how seaweed is going mainstream, both as a superfood and a key ingredient in healthy living.

It seems that other countries are taking a leaf - a seaweed leaf that is - out of Japan's book and pushing the venerable sea vegetable as a food in its own right as well as a valuable ingredient. The Netherlands is a case in point. In the environmental magazine Ensia, a recent article touches on a report from the The Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy urging ecological sustainability.

This is a country with a population approaching 20 million and a relatively small landmass. The Dutch have been great at appropriating land from the sea, but since the report also states that the country already consumes food and forestry products from land equal to three times its surface area, it's clear they need to find protein sources that are not on land. Such a source would be seaweed, and the Dutch are working hard to make seaweed a regular part of the population's diet.

In a related article in, the author picks up the sustainability baton, calling seaweed the sustainable protein of the future. It's already found its way into several Netherlands products, including "bath salts, regular salt, roasted peanuts, tea, chocolate, falafel, mayonnaise, wraps, chicken(less) nuggets, beef(less) burgers, and hot dogs." This is music to our ears, as smRt ingredients already go into foods like breads, pastas, health bars, soups, marinades, sauces, dressings and cheeses.

Of course, we're in the seaweed business, as are the other companies mentioned in the linked articles, and it's in our collective interests that the mainstream move continues. We're also giving it a bit of a push ourselves with our expansion into retail products like smRt pasta and, in the not too distant future, health bars as well.

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