The Rise of Veganism

A wealth of marine vegetables can help feed the vegan's hunger...

A wealth of marine vegetables can help feed the vegan's hunger...

Everyone knows, has met or has heard of someone who follows a vegan diet. It's becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. In fact, a recent article on the UK's BBC website digs into the reasons for the increase in the number of vegans in Britain.

When the supermarkets are stocking foods catering to vegans, you know that the trend for plant-based eating and the avoidance of meat, fish, dairy and eggs is catching on. Indeed, according to a survey in 2016, there are over half a million vegans in Britain, which is in addition to the million-plus vegetarians. This is more than a three-fold increase in a little over a decade.

Social media and online choices and access have a large part to play in this growth, and the search popularity for veganism has increased from 17 (out of a possible 100) to 88 in a decade. 

The article asserts that young women are driving the growth of veganism. And their reasons? According to the research, the top 3 reasons are animal welfare, the environment and health, in that order.

Many vegans and vegetarians look to supplement their diets with the important vitamins and minerals that they might otherwise miss out on compared to their carnivorous counterparts. Fortunately, seaweed is one such source of goodness. The seaweed types in the smRt range of ingredients are 100% organic and sourced from Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way according to sustainability principles. On our recipes page you'll find a number of delicious ways to incorporate seaweed into your vegan - or vegetarian - lifestyle, giving you all the benefits and none of the seaweed taste. For example:

If you're a budding vegan or have already made the move to meat-, fish- and dairy-free, and you'd like to try a sample of the smRt range of seaweed ingredients, be sure to let us know