Seaweed Options for the Busy Chef


Chefs are always innovating, looking for new twists on things or cool new ingredients to introduce into their menus. And if they can tick the healthy checkbox as well, then so much the better. Seaweed tends to be near the top of their list. It's a well-know superfood with various health-promoting claims. The great thing about seaweed is that in the right quantities it doesn't taste of seaweed at all, but you still get the health benefits.

Chefs are also extremely busy, often too busy to research, experiment with and source exciting new foods. If you ask someone to describe what cooking with seaweed pictures for them, they'll probably describe people walking the beaches, foraging for different types of seaweed and taking them back to their home kitchen to cook in small amounts. Who has time to do that and run a busy restaurant?

Of course, you can eat many seaweed types pretty much as you found them, but then you're definitely going to get a taste of the sea, and that's not for everyone. The alternative is to treat your seaweeds to a process that turns them into health-packed granules that you can add to a host of foods, in just the right quantity that you keep the goodness inside without the seaweed taste. This process involves a fair bit of trial and error, getting the right blend of seaweed types that have the right balance of health-giving properties, air-drying the seaweed, and milling what remains into granules that you can mix into your breads, stock, sauces and so on.

Which brings us back to our chefs, who certainly don't have that kind of time. Many chefs also don't live near to the sea, where the raw materials live and grow. The clue is in the name after all!

This is where we come in. We've gone through the trial and error process over the last few years to come up with our three ingredients products, smRt bake, smRt stock and smRt dulse

Chefs no longer have to worry about putting 10 hours aside every week to find the right beaches, forage for their wonderfoods, pick them and prepare them for use. We've commercialised the process, so now chefs can get hold of the goodness inside with our handy buckets or bulk bags within a couple of days. Our products go a long way too; for example an 800g bucket of smRt bake is good for around 160 loaves, and product shelf life is 2 years.

The applications and opportunities for seaweed ingredients across your menus are many and varied. Contact us to get a free sample to work with.