5 Bakery trends for 2018. Feel good bread!

Superfood seaweed sourdough-by Jimmy Griffin master baker, Griffin's Bakery Galway

Superfood seaweed sourdough-by Jimmy Griffin master baker, Griffin's Bakery Galway

I was reading an interesting article on the British Baker website last week and thought it was worth sharing. It is short and to the point. A bit like myself! It prompted me to share some of the insights below.

It stated  "Bakers will take healthy eating to the next level, according to a food industry expert who has predicted five trends that may shape the market next year."

The 5 trends are Gut health, waste, natural sweeteners, plant-based foods and snacking.

As we sell seaweed ingredients to both artisan an commercial bakeries I am familiar with some of the challenges faced by the bakery industry. I have always loved bread and at the same time felt that if it can be better then it should be better. This is what started us on our #seaweed journey but that is a story for another day.

After years of bread bashing, from all sides, the bakery industry will now have to innovate and give the world the "feel good bread" consumers are looking for. I asked myself what boxes will the bread of the future need to tick. It was simple.. people love bread(well lots of us anyway), people want to eat bread(as I said lots of us do! but of course I can't speak for everyone) so give them a bread they can feel good about eating. 

Based on the most recent reports available HEALTH is here to stay! In fact health is one of the pillars for every grocery store chain that I have talked too.  The bread of the future will most likely need to be both good for us and good for our planet. It will have to taste great. It will probably have nutritional benefits, health claims, clean label, lower salt, non GMO, produced in a sustainable way being mindful to take into consideration the welfare of both humans and animals.  It is an exciting time as commercial bakeries try to adopt traditional methods, new and old ingredients and techniques. 

We were grateful to feature in one of the national papers this week with our #smRtbake #seaweed ingredient. The article said "Seaweed is the new Kale!" and commented on the use of smRtbake in both artisan and commercial applications. We are helping companies to innovate so let's hope that it will not be too long before we are reading "Bread is the new Bread!" .

As for now I agree with Julia when she said

 “How can a nation be great if their bread tastes like kleenex?” – Julia Childs.

Have a great week!