Ten Reasons to Put smRt Health Bars in Your Life

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We can think of ten reasons to make smRt health bars a part of your everyday life and the lives of your family too. Is ten reasons nine too many? Here’s the top line: smRt bars are the 100% organic, feel good snack infused with health-giving seaweed for great-tasting energy on the go.

And here are the ten reasons:

  1. Feel good about snacks. Just 2% of health-promoting seaweed ingredients turns your snacks into feel good snacks. Get the energy you need and know that you’re protecting yourself and your children

  2. Organic-plus. smRt bars aren’t just 100% organic, with sustainably sourced Irish seaweed ingredients. They also contains the right balance of essential vitamins and minerals like iodine and selenium

  3. Lifestyle. Busy, active and health-conscious people and their families can feel good with snacks from the smRt bar range containing carefully blended seaweed ingredients

  4. Health benefits. smRt bars with infused seaweed contain the right amount of iodine to promote good thyroid function, a good metabolism, good cognitive and nervous system function, healthy skin, and normal growth in children

  5. Energy. smRt bars are high in fibre and a source of protein to keep you feeling fuller for longer.  They digest well and are a great energy hit for athletes during their training sessions and races

  6. Taste. With smRt bars, you get feel good snacks infused with seaweed for all the seaweed benefits and none of the taste. You won’t taste the sea, you’ll just taste a great health bar

  7. Clean label. smRt bars are 100% organic and free from all colourings, preservatives and additives. The only ingredients are seaweed, dates, raisins, cashew nuts, cocoa and natural flavouring oil

  8. Dietary. smRt bars, infused with a special blend of seaweed granules, are dairy free and gluten-free. They’re an ideal iodine source for vegans, vegetarians, and pescetarians

  9. Convenience. Supplement your diet and your energy levels in a couple of minutes with a smRt bar. It’s the convenience of a great tasting snack and the feel good factor of seaweed

  10. Seaweed. Seaweeds are naturally occurring plant vegetables which we’ve specially selected, dried and blended to give you feel good snacks with none of the seaweed taste. smRt bars contain seaweed which is 100% organic, and sustainably sourced from Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

That’s a lot reasons!

We’re making smRt health bars available in all good coffee shops, health food stores and supermarkets right now, so if you don’t see them, please ask your favourite retailer.

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