New Year's Resolution for 2019 - Must try a smRt Health Bar

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The excess of Christmas and the New Year swiftly ushers in the standard counter-reaction, a wave of new year’s resolutions around drinking less, eating better, and getting more exercise.

We’re hoping to help that process with the launch of our smRt health bars, in 3 delicious flavours: cocoa, cocoa mint and cocoa orange. They’re organic and great for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs. They’re also a source of protein. They’re also different in two rather important ways, which we’re rather excited about.

First, they taste great! Yes, this is a healthy, organic, seaweed-infused health bar with only 5 or 6 natural ingredients (depending on which flavour you go for) that doesn’t taste of seaweed. Ever tried those raw energy bars? Do some of them taste a bit too chewy and dry, with a flavour of something like cardboard? Well, we’ve tried early samples of the smRt bars and they’re really, really good!

Second, these are no ordinary bars. These are bars with health benefits. You get the long-lasting energy kick that you need when you’re on the go, plus, each 35g bar gives you 84% of your Reference Intake - what we used to call your Recommended Daily Allowance - of Iodine, which is essential for normal thyroid function, normal growth in children, normal skin, and the normal functioning of other important stuff like your nervous system and metabolism. If you’re someone who doesn’t eat meat, fish or dairy, this bar is a great way towards ensuring proper iodine levels.

We designed smRt bars as the perfect lifestyle choice for active, health-conscious people and their families. They’re also ideal for professional and amateur athletes who need a quick hit of food on the go. The health benefits inside smRt bars turn your average snacks into guilt-free snacks and your average bars into great-tasting health bars.

We’re sorry the bars won’t be in stores until February, but we’re sure they’ll be worth the wait. Deferred pleasure, and all that.

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