January is the Launch of smRt Health Bars

A sneak preview of what the bars will look like…

A sneak preview of what the bars will look like…

We’re officially launching our smRt health bars at the internationally renowned BioFach organic food and drink event in Nuremberg, Germany in February. We thought we’d give the folks in Ireland a sneak preview, since we hope to have them in all good stores in January.

Here’s the press release we’ve prepared for the launch.

smRt, Ireland’s leading provider of air-dried, milled seaweed ingredients to the cooking and baking industry, launches its range of smRt health bars at BioFach 2019 on Wednesday 13th February 2019.

Following quickly on the heels of the launch of the smRt pasta range, smRt bars continue the smRt ethos by taking advantage of the health benefits of seaweed. Seaweed is a proven superfood with officially authorised health claims for its iodine content, which promotes good thyroid function, good cognitive function, healthy metabolism, nervous system and skin, and normal growth in children. The seaweed element of the bars is a carefully formulated blend of different marine plants which results in no seaweed taste.

There are 3 products in the launch range, retailing as premium brand, health snacks and energy boosts for the health-conscious, physically active consumers on the go and training and competing athletes. The flavours are orange, mint and cocoa, each using a natural flavouring. Seaweed content is 100% organic and Irish, sustainably sourced by smRt on the coastlines of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. Each product is a 35g bar, also available in boxes of 12.

SmRt CEO James Cunningham commented on the launch of the smRt pasta range, “smRt bars appeal to both healthy consumers and athletes. For the health- and lifestyle-conscious person they’re a tasty, ‘guilt-free’ snack that’s high in fibre, a source of protein and keeps you fuller for longer. For athletes, they’re an easily digestible energy boost that doesn’t taste artificial. smRt bars are also organic, with only 5 or 6 ingredients and containing the right amount of iodine and other vitamins and minerals for healthy living and vegan diets.”

smRt produces air-dried, milled seaweed blends for restaurants, hotels and bakeries to use in their baking and extend their healthy and nutritional menus. With commercial quantities of the superfood at its disposal, and years of retail and restaurant experience under its belt, smRt has expanded into high end, feel good foods for the specialist premium markets around the world.

Ask for smRt bars at your local health food store or supermarket. smRt bars will also be available for sale from the smRt online shop: https://www.smrt.ie/smrt-shop.

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