Your Latest Seaweed Story Round-Up

A periodic review of all things seaweed

A periodic review of all things seaweed

Our last seaweed story roundup was in September, so it’s high time - or high tide, if you can excuse the appalling pun - we delved into the Internet ether and plucked a selection of articles and features on seaweed’s growing influence on our diets. Here’s a shortlist of items we think are worth perusing, together with a link to each story. 

  • This one’s from back in 2016, but it’s a goodie: seaweed is swimming into the mainstream market, on the back of stories like Jamie Oliver claiming introducing it into his diet helped him lose weight, according to the UK’s Telegraph. The theory that a seaweed-infused diet is connected to weight loss is further explored here and here

  • Delving farther back into the annals, 2014 this time, this brainHQ article asks if seaweed is the newest brain food. We often champion the benefits of iodine, but the folic acid and magnesium present in sea vegetables are big pluses too

  • The San Francisco Chronicle argues that seaweed is the food of the future in this feature on fresh seaweed farming in California

  • This second article from the Telegraph encourages us all to cook with algae, the generic name for seaweed, and includes list of recommended restaurants that serve seaweed

  • Seaweed beer? Yes please, according to this article from Alastair Bland in Marin Independent Journal

  • What we don’t know about seaweed is rather a lot, according to this exhaustive and comprehensively researched article from

  • Finally, a MarketsandMarkets press release from last month gives us a sneak preview of the market for commercial seaweed, which could be over ¢21 billion by 2023

Phew! That’s enough seaweed info to cure every insomniac, we hope.

Get in touch if you'd like to see some sample seaweed ingredients, or see here for recipe ideas using seaweed.