Seven Positive Food Thoughts

One thought for each day of the week…

One thought for each day of the week…

Food is so much more than just food, just fuel. It’s the other things it contains and the other things that happen when you eat it. Here are 7 positive food vibes we’re sending your way.

1) Take 5. Sit down, take a few minutes and enjoy your food. It should be one of life’s daily pleasures

2) Stay in the moment. Practice mindful eating, if there is a such a thing. Enjoy the act of eating, savour the flavours and textures. You do this at a restaurant, why not at home, or at work, or on your own

3) Make good food choices. Think about your eating, and what you will eat. Don’t get too hungry and make bad food choices on a whim. Have healthy snack foods to hand, like nuts, seeds and seaweed crackers

4) Eat food as if it’s medicine, so you don’t have to eat medicine as if it’s food. OK, that’s not ours, we’ve adapted it from a phrase attributable to the ancient medic Hippocrates

5) Break bread together. Slicing your bread is easier and less messy, but the feeling of breaking off a hunk of bread in a social setting is a different thing altogether. The act of connecting makes the food even better.

6) Keep the family meal sacred. Yes, we’re all super busy, and we’re all doing different things, but eating together as a family is good for us all. If it’s in front of a screen it doesn’t count…

7) Keep it clean. The fewer the label ingredients, the cleaner the label, and the less artificial things doing the work that your food should be doing

Look here for a host of recipes embracing these 7 positive food thoughts, each featuring a tinge of organic health-giving, seaweed.