How Seaweed Helps Your 80:20 Rule

The Pareto Principle can apply to food too…

The Pareto Principle can apply to food too…

The 80:20 rule is a wonderfully flexible yardstick for many things, including healthy living. The ‘Pareto Principle’ phrase was coined after the eponymous Italian who noticed that 80% of wealth was concentrated among 20% of the population (it’s probably concentrated among a smaller percentage these days). It was later applied to business where the rule of thumb is that 20% of your customers will be responsible for 80% of your business. There are many other illustrations of this, such as 20% of software bugs account for 80% of the problems, 20% of the richest earners pay 80% of the taxes, and so on.

Can you also borrow the rule for good food and ‘less good’ food? We think so, in different ways, depending on the regime you follow. On the one hand you can eat well for 80% of the week, and let your hair down, in a dietary sense, for the rest of the week, 1 or 2 days, and eat whatever the heck you want. On the other hand you can eat normally for 5 days a week and eat virtually nothing for 2 days a week. The 2 days of no calories offsets the calorific overspend of the rest of the week, and the act of fasting has also been linked to health claims around increased longevity and risk reduction around dementia, although the evidence is insubstantial.

In the first example above, where you’re eating sensibly for 80% of the time, you can certainly help yourself by introducing goodness like seaweed into your diet. You can add a small helping of dried, milled smRt seaweed blends to a variety of foods, like breads, cheeses, soups and garnishes.

Seaweed helps you stick to the 80%. It can also help you bring your 20% ‘time off’ foods into the 80% range too. For example, smRt pasta is made from 100% organic Italian durum wheat and 100% organic Irish seaweed, for a great tasing pasta dish. Why bother with bleached white pasta when you can feel good having organic pasta that tastes just as good? This is the essence of organic+, or ‘organic plus’, taking everyday foods that you love - like pasta - and making them great-tasting and better for you.

We would also venture to say that the 80:20 principle may apply to the health benefits of functional food. Functional foods do more than simply fill you up. They provide vitamins and minerals essential to life and healthy living. If you consume 20% of your diet eating foods containing goodness like seaweed, which is rich in things like iodine for a healthy thyroid, skin, nervous system, metabolism and normal growth in children, we’ll bet you’re getting 80% of the health benefits you need. Then you only need to get 20% from the other stuff you’re eating.

Make smRt seaweed-infused products part of your 20%. You can buy smRt pasta, including a gluten-free option, here.