Is MO Your MO?

Healthy eating is all about the big MO…

Healthy eating is all about the big MO…

In US Presidential races they talk about getting the big Mo, which is the momentum of a campaign that starts to accrue the votes they need to get the candidate into the White House. We’re not talking about the word Mo, however, we’re talking about the letters M and O.

MO is generally referred to as an abbreviation of Modus Operandi, our way of working, or way of doing something. It dictates how we approach things.

But for us, MO also stands for something more specific - and that’s Mostly Organic. So the question we’re asking you is this: is Mostly Organic your Modus Operandi? We pay extra for organic food and drink because we know that it is better both for us and for the environment. Rather like being a flexetarian, who’s mostly vegetarian but not strictly so, being somewhat organic is better than not being organic. It depends on affordability, availability and attitude.

In Ireland, going mostly organic is a pretty laudable effort. We’ve made great strides in the last few years and it’s now possible to get a lot of organic produce for the meal table. It’s not hard to find organic versions of most of the fruit, veg and meat in the local supermarket. Try getting your organic skinny latte, though, featuring organic coffee and organic low fat milk, and it’s a little harder.

Other countries are leading the way when it comes to being able to practice what you preach and live the totally organic lifestyle. The German ‘Bio’ or organic market is very well established and vast, and it will only be a matter of time before other countries catch up, as the collective standard of living inches upwards.

And, in case you were wondering, the smRt ingredients range, and the smRt retail pasta range are TO, which is Totally Organic, which makes things that little bit easier for you. Check out recipes page for ideas on living the MO lifestyle.