Fast Fresh Health

A freshly picked ingredient…

A freshly picked ingredient…

‘Fresh health’. Trying saying that as fast as you can. It’s harder than ‘red lorry yellow lorry’…All joking aside, fast, fresh food is big business right now, with a strong accent on health. People want the convenience of fast food, but they also want fresh, healthy ingredients. They want fast fresh health.

Our busy lifestyles are driving this move, and promoting the growth of health food restaurants like Chopped and Freshii. You get your food made up for you, in front of you, made to order, using only the freshest ingredients, with an accent on healthy, natural, non-processed and sometimes organic foods.

While there’s always a place for slow cooked food and taking our time over our meals, revelling in the social aspect of the traditional meal time in a public or private setting, most of the time we’re too darn busy and we need to fuel up on the go or in the minimum time. We want to order quickly, have it assembled quickly, and consume it quickly.

That said, our increased awareness of environmental and nutritional issues means that we also want to feel good about eating this fast fresh food as well. We don’t want half the planet to have been consumed to create our meal, and we want the food we eat to improve our health, not deteriorate it. The food has to do more than simply fill us full of fuel. It has do something more, like ward off cancer, or be good for our joints, our nervous system, and so on.

That’s what we’re trying to do with smRt seaweed ingredients. smRt dried seaweeds go into a range of foods like breads, chocolates, soups and turn everyday foods into super foods, because of the health benefits in seaweed. We’ve also developed a range of organic pasta products that cook in 8 minutes or less and provide you with a healthy bonus to your much needed carbohydrate intake. We get the blend just right so that you get the goodness of seaweed in beneficial quantities and none of the seaweed taste.

If it’s fast, fresh and healthy you’re looking for, like the every-growing numbers of active, health-conscious people, see the smRt range of organic+ pastas, with all the goodness of seaweed and none of the taste.