Nutritional Benefits of Seaweed

We ‘heart’ seaweed…

We ‘heart’ seaweed…

The humble seaweed harbours a largely untapped treasure trove of nutritional goodness, as we explain in this first post of a series delving a little deeper into the goodness inside.

It’s well known that the Japanese have been admired for their healthy eating and consequent longevity, and it’s not just in the last couple of years that the west has woken up to the amount of seaweed our friends in Far East consume. Back in April 2006, the Guardian’s Michele Kirsch wrote about seven reasons to eat seaweed. Here are the big 7:

  • It’s good for your digestive health, making you feel fuller for longer, having low GI properties, and being high in fibre. Not a bad start!

  • It’s high in nutrients and low in calories. Because the sea is largely unfarmed, loads of essential minerals are present in seaweed, which absorbs them

  • It may improve heart health. ‘May’ is really shorthand for ‘not proven but strongly linked with’. In this case, our old friends from Okinawa have low cholesterol and very clear arteries

  • It’s good for detoxing, removing cadmium and lead from our environment, which is present in cigarette smoke and the outputs from industry and transport

  • It may help regulate hormones. Seaweeds contain lignans which when in the human body help to block chemical oestrogens, suspected of predisposing people to breast cancer

  • It’s an all-round tonic, favoured in drinks and soups like our seaweed smoothie

  • it goes well with other foods, and is regularly touted on this page as a complement to sauces, chowders and salads

One slight oversight of the Guardian article - and a very important eighth reason to eat seaweed - is only a passing reference to iodine, which regular readers of this blog will recognise. Iodine has proven health links to a host of bodily benefits, chief among which is the normal function of the thyroid, which regulates a ton of stuff, as well as normal growth in children, normal skin, and a normal metabolism and nervous system.

To get your daily dose of the good stuff, you can take some seaweed-infused pasta, available from our shop or your local fine health food store, or else look out for our smRt seaweed health bars, which will be out soon.

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