The Healthier Lifestyle and the Magic Bullet

A bracing walk on the Wild Atlantic Way…

A bracing walk on the Wild Atlantic Way…

We’re always looking for the quick way, the short cut, the magic bullet. It seems to be built into our psyche to look for the magic bullet, hoping that we can invoke special powers and cheat time or bend the laws of physics. It doesn’t matter if we’re on a weight loss program, a muscle- or fitness-building regime, or a journey to increased wealth, we’re conditioned to do it.

This, of course, has led the more unscrupulous purveyors to promote get rick quick schemes, miracle diet pills, or wonder drugs. They prey on our desire to bypass the work in return for a quick fix.

It’s the same with lifestyle. Our lifestyle goals might be related to activity, health, the environment our vocations and our passions. It takes time to achieve those goals. We don’t simply wake up one morning and an overnight transformation has occurred. Lifestyle is a set of beliefs that we choose to act on over time, a commitment to ourselves, those around us and our community to uphold a certain set of values.

In this sense we’re talking about positive lifestyles, rather than the kind of lifestyles pursued at other people’s expense - such as crime - or indeed at our own expense. There’s not much effort required to lie on the couch every day, eating pizza, watching TV and avoiding all forms of hygiene maintenance and socialisation. That’s the kind of lifestyle we only joke about in passing.

There is no magic bullet for the healthier lifestyle. We have to work at it. It’s a commitment that might take many forms:

  • Staying current with trends and developments

  • Being aware of the impact of our consumption and activities on the world

  • Choosing which cause to believe in, which disadvantaged groups to champion and whose corner to fight

  • Taking regular exercise

  • Eating a balanced diet and in moderation

  • Watching our intake of sugar, salt, alcohol, caffeine, and so on

  • Getting regular medical check-ups

  • Paying attention to the provenance of our food and drink

By provenance, we mean both where our food comes from and how it got to us. Choosing to buy organic produce which originated on the other side of the planet is often robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle can be expensive in both time and money. If we choose to buy organic produce, sustainably sourced and containing health-giving ingredients, we’re often paying for that privilege. If we choose to avoid certain types of food, like meat, fish, or dairy, we have to spend more time looking for the alternative sources of food, together with their energy, vitamins and minerals, that suit our values. By paying more for things that sustain our healthier lifestyle, either we are more affluent and we can afford to, or we choose to forego other activities or expenditure in order to make the sums work.

We don’t sell magic bullets for a healthier lifestyle, but we do produce the tools that can help you on the journey to get there. See our range of recipes that support a healthier lifestyle, or have a look at our range of organic+ pastas, with all the goodness of seaweed and none of the taste.