The Wild Atlantic Way and Seaweed

A small part of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way…

A small part of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way…

Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, launched in 2014 has been an overwhelming tourism success and a master stroke of marketing to package the western side of the country this way. Even down to the wonderful logo, which suggests the waves of a choppy ocean as well as housing the letters w, a and w. It is now one of the most recognisable icons in modern Ireland.

The Wild Atlantic Way stretches two-and-a-half-thousand kilometres from County Cork in the South to County Donegal in the North West. The western half of Ireland is rightly identified as the wetter, windier side of the country, and the Wild Atlantic Way concept captures this gloriously and positively, embracing the uncertain weather with the hundreds of beautiful vistas along its circuitous route.

Two-and-a-half-thousand kilometres of the Wild Atlantic means two-and-a-half-thousand kilometres of coastline, and where you find coastline you tend to find seaweed as well. Seaweed comes in 3 colours: brown, red and green. The website notes that since the 18th century over 500 different types of seaweed have been identified in Ireland, though only a small proportion of these are harvested commercially. You’ll find different blends of these harvested varieties in our smRt range of bulk ingredients for cooking, baking and garnishes.

The health benefits of seaweed have long been known, and seaweed has a big range of uses, according to

  • Food and food supplements, including edible seaweeds that are sold as sea vegetables

  • Fertilisers, liquid seaweed extracts and soil conditioners

  • Raw material for seaweed polymers for use in the alginate industry

  • Cosmetics, body care, seaweed therapy and medicinal preparations

Seaweed is also used in agriculture as a feed ingredient. Strangely absent from the list above is the use of seaweed as a food ingredient, which is where we come in, not only on the ingredients side but also as a manufacturer of retail, ‘feel good’ products, infused with healthy seaweed, like pasta and health bars.

As you might imagine, the source for our seaweed ingredients is Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way. Our ingredients are 100% organic and 100% sustainably sourced. They’re also free from foreign objects like rope, and are carefully dried, milled, sieved and blended in the right quantities to provide the optimal balance of vitamins and minerals, giving you all of the seaweed goodness and none of the taste.

Of course, if you want to taste the ocean, and eat your seaweed whole, wild and Atlantic, there’s two-and-a-half-thousand kilometres of it waiting for you…