Your Seaweed Story Round-Up

A periodic review of all things seaweed

A periodic review of all things seaweed

Even though organic seaweed in food is our thing, we like to keep our ear to ground on all things seaweed, since this wondrous plant has major implications for the environment and sustaining an ever-growing global population. Every once in a while we like to round up a few stories from around the world and share them with you. Here's a selection of what we've seen, together with a link to each story. 

  • Here's a gallery of images and videos from the BBC website about the return in popularity of the seaweed dulse in Northern Ireland

  • Food Navigator has a story about growing the market for seaweed foods in Europe, and its benefits to sustainability and nutrition

  • Seaweed could be America's next cash crop, according to this fascinating 4-and-a-half-minute video from Inside Science

  • Finally, here are 2 more stories from the excellent Food Navigator. First, a report that will appeal to those who like a little seaweed, but not too much. Netherlands researchers found that consumers experienced the same 'health halo' effect from 5% seaweed as from 100% seaweed.

  • Second, do you want to know where the lion's share of seaweed-based new products happen? This article about the surge in new products between 2011 to 2015 will tell you.

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