Seaweed Options for the Busy Retailer


In the latest post in our series 'seaweed options for busy people', we look at options for busy supermarkets and health food stores.

The spectrum of retail products is a vast, almost limitless array of products, everything from global best sellers to unique items. At one end of the food spectrum are the mass produced staples of every day life, like fruit, vegetables, meat, and dairy, sold in colossal quantities and often competing on price. Then you have your generally less perishable goods, like breads, rice and pasta, selling in equally vast numbers where price is still important but quality and brand come into play more prominently. Supermarkets have more shelf space to play with than smaller shops, but generally speaking both these retailer types tend to stock a limited variety of the best selling and fastest-moving items to make the numbers work.

Organic versions of these popular products continue to grow their market share, serving a discerning, health- and provenance-conscious consumer with perhaps a little more to spend on what they choose to put on the meal table. In recent years larger retailers have expanded the amount of shelf space they make available for organic produce, as well as vegan and gluten free options.

At the other end of the spectrum live the niche products. Highly specialised superfoods and super-healthy healthy food sources, presented in a variety of formats, cater to consumers looking for specific brands and specific types of food to sustain their actively and health-conscious lifestyles. These are usually premium items - not always organic but certainly at the healthy and medicinal end of the spectrum - selling in far lower quantities and distributed among a select group of health food stores. 

For the busy supermarket and health food store, then, there's not much in the middle ground. Until now. The idea behind the smRt pasta and smRt health bar range is 'guilt free carbs'. You get the energy boost from a 100% organic carbohydrate, infused with seaweed in the right blend for great-tasing food that makes you feel good because it also has health benefits.

smRt pasta and smRt health bars are what we call organic+, namely organic products plus health benefits. They're designed to be fast-moving because they sit in the middle of the retail spectrum: not a mass produced carbohydrate, and not a 100% seaweed product with questionable taste and limited appeal. 

This gives the busy supermarket and the busy health food store the opportunity to introduce healthy products for a mainstream audience that wants tasty food it can feel good about eating.

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