GF Doesn't Just Stand For Gluten Free

GF can have multiple meanings...

GF can have multiple meanings...

In this post we talk about the other things that GF means to us when we think of the term.

Every industry loves its acronyms and food is no different. Take GM foods for instance. GM stands for genetically modified, and GM foods contain genetically modified organisms - or GMOs - which have had their DNA manipulated by scientists, usually for productivity or commercial gains. 

GF is another such acronym. It usually stands for Gluten Free, denoting foods that are free from a pesky protein - pesky at least to coeliacs and others struggling with varying degrees of wheat intolerance - called gluten which is in grains like wheat, barley and rye. These grains ordinarily find their way into a staggeringly long list of everyday foods like flour, bread and cereals, leading many manufacturers to use alternative sources like rice and corn to serve the increasingly large market for GF products.

In keeping with the GF theme, however, we'd like to propose two other meanings for GF. 

Great Flavour

The number one driver for eating is taste. If something tastes great we're more inclined to eat it, a fact that is played on mercilessly by manufacturers of highly processed, sweet foods. It's often the case that if you're trying to incorporate healthier foods into your diet they don't taste as good, because there are no or very few artificial flavours, additives or enhancers in there. Gluten free food can sometimes fall into this heading. It can be hard to find great tasting gluten-free food with a texture - another important driver for what and how much we eat - as good as its gluten-based counterpart.

The smRt pasta range contains a GF fusilli option, and people tell us the GF can also stand for great flavour. It's designed to taste great and uses only 100% organic ingredients. Seaweed contains umami, a natural glutamate and flavour enhancer which helps us reduce our intake of the more common flavour enhancer - namely salt.

Guilt Free

We eat to sustain ourselves, and sometimes we eat for comfort, when we want to cheer ourselves up. Conversely, we can also associate food with guilt, usually in the aftermath of a tub of our favourite ice cream, some fried foods or a hunk of bread. Carbohydrates are an essential part of our diet, helping give us the fuel we need to do any kind of calorie-burning work. If you have a job that burns zero calories, be sure to let us know!

With the move towards restricting carbs or choosing different types of carbs, people are taking an active interest in how they eat. The trouble is - and now we're back to the other GF - alternative carbohydrates are often not as tasty as our spuds, rice and pasta.  Sometimes it seems like If we lose the guilt we also lose the taste.

Which brings us back to smRt pasta range, and the last GF. This time is stands for guilt free. The smRt pasta range is 100% organic pasta plus about 2% seaweed, which is also 100% organic. So, we get the carbs we love and we get the health benefits of seaweed. We've bags of energy, we're healthier and we're guilt free - or GF for short.

You can find out more about our gluten free fusilli here. Or, contact us to find out which fine retailers near you stock the smRt pasta range.