The Gluten Free Great Taste Conundrum

Cracking the code, or the conundrum...

Cracking the code, or the conundrum...

In this post we make the case for 'great tasting' and 'gluten free' not being mutually exclusive terms.

Having a wheat intolerance and succumbing to autoimmune conditions like coeliac disease present a set of dietary challenges. Wheat - and sometimes oats for some sufferers - finds its way into a lot of food and drink, making it difficult to eat conveniently and healthily without considerable planning. 

Fortunately, in the last decade there has been a serious growth in the availability of gluten free options, with some supermarkets devoting an entire aisle to these dietary offerings. 

There is, however, a bit of a conundrum which lies at the intersection of gluten free and great taste. A lot of gluten free foods don't taste that great. Gluten free pasta, for example, is generally made with rice flour instead of wheat flour, and it can be a struggle to find one which has the lovely taste and consistency of its wheat-based cousin.

You may have seen that we've recently announced the availability of the smRt pasta range, a totally organic combination of artisan Italian pasta and the right amount of Irish seaweed for all the seaweed goodness and none of the taste. The good people at Wholefoods are distributing it. There's a gluten free version of our fusilli, pictured. It uses organic rice flour, is high in iodine, and has a long shelf life.

And, people tell us, it's a gluten free pasta that tastes great. 

Great-tasting, gluten free pasta with extra health benefits for feel good carbs. What's not to like?

You can find out more about our gluten free fusilli here. Or, contact us to find out which fine retailers near you stock the smRt pasta range.