What is Organic Plus Pasta?

Fasta Pasta.jpg

There's regular pasta, which you can get pretty much anywhere. Then there's organic pasta, made from certifiably organic ingredients and a little harder to find down the pasta aisle. It doesn't sell as well, it's a little more expensive, but it's always better to consume better ingredients if you can afford them. Then there's 'organic-plus' pasta.

What is organic plus pasta, or organic+ as well call it? Organic+ pasta is organic pasta with something extra, something additional to the benefits of eating organic. The something extra is a 2% infusion of dried, milled, award-winning seaweed blends into the creative process. The 2% and the blend are carefully calculated to present no seaweed taste but deliver a cocktail of essential vitamins and minerals. One mineral, iodine, has been scientifically proven to contribute to normal growth in children and a well-functioning thyroid, metabolism, cognitive skills and skin. 

That's one element of the plus. The smRt range of pastas are artisan, Italian pastas, hand-made in small batches using traditional methods and bronze die extrusion for the best quality. The range is also high in fibre and includes a great-tasting gluten-free option for those with a wheat intolerance, made with organic rice flour.

We're certified to the highest organic standards. And then we add the plus.

Contact us to find out which fine retailers near you stock the smRt pasta range. Look for the #organic+ hashtag on social media.