Seaweed Options for the Busy General Manager


Continuing our 'seaweed options for busy people' series...

If you're the general manager of a hotel or restaurant, or perhaps you run a supermarket, then you're probably responsible for the profit and loss of the business. You're looking to get good products in as affordably as you can and convert them into sales at good margins as quickly as possible. Food doesn't last forever, and you don't want to be left with perishable goods that you can't use or sell.

Food waste can be a problem, and a significant dent to your cash flow and your bottom line. Bread doesn't last long, especially the good stuff that's free from artificial preservatives. Bread served in your restaurant can lose its freshness very quickly after slicing. Loaves sold in your supermarket will also age quickly in your consumers' homes after slicing, and you want your consumers to get value for their money or they may not buy your baked bread again.

How much of a problem is bread waste? According to research, across the UK and Ireland 44% of bread gets thrown away. That's a staggering number, nearly half!

Help is at hand, though, and comes with several other benefits which we'll cover in a moment. When we were experimenting with dried seaweed ingredients in our baked breads, we found that the bread stayed fresher and spongier for much longer, even after slicing. The seaweed acts as a totally natural preservative. That means that dried seaweed ingredients help you say goodbye to bread waste in your restaurant, and your supermarket consumers can buy freshly baked bread from you that they know is going to last more than a day or two.  

So seaweed-infused breads like soda bread and sour dough can reduce waste and improve profitability. There's also a bunch of other benefits.

Taste. Your get none of the seaweed taste in your breads when you use smRt bake ingredients in the right quantities. Your bread tastes like lovely bread, rather than a piece of the ocean.

Variety. You can offer new and exciting dishes on your menu, since smRt ingredients work really well in breads, pastas, stocks, soups, chowder, cheese, chocolate and as a garnish on smoked fish or salads. You can offer more variety and specialities to your bakery customers in your supermarket. 

Health. Healthy diet options are now mainstream, and you can tap into this lucrative market with seaweed-infused foods. Seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals like selenium and iodine. Health experts have authorised the claims that the right quantities of iodine in your daily diet help with good thyroid function, good cognitive function, good metabolism, a healthy nervous system and skin, as well as normal growth in children. (Some seaweeds can be very high in iodine, so the smRt ingredients are scientifically tested to make sure they offer the right balance.)

Time. Our three ingredients products, smRt bake, smRt stock and smRt dulse, are commercially available in bulk quantities, so you, your chef or your baker don't have to spend hours foraging on the beach, picking the right seaweed, drying them in ways that doesn't kill the goodness, and milling them. An 800g bucket of smRt bake, for example, has a shelf life of 2 years and is good for around 160 loaves.

Contact us to get some smRt seaweed samples for your chef or baker to work with. Or, if you're already convinced, you can order from us via the phone or the online shop.