Feel Good Food - The Happy Medium

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In the seismic shift towards healthier, more responsible eating, one food group has suffered more than most, and that's the lowly carbohydrate. Slow carbs, low carbs, no white carbs, no carbs at all - there's no shortage of diets suggesting you ease off on your carbs in favour of more fats - the right types of course - and more protein. With many celebrities championing significant weight loss from reducing their carb intake, enjoying bread, potato, pasta and the like is almost seen by health-aware people as a guilty pleasure.

Carbohydrates are an important source of energy, so active individuals and families often look to certain types of vegetables and so-called 'superfoods' to give them what they need to maintain their busy, health-conscious lifestyles. At the same time, many of us have been conditioned by processed foods to expect tasty food, and the taste of some of the superfoods is not for everyone. It seems like sweet or tasty equals bad for us and we have to sacrifice taste for healthy a lot of the time.

At the other end of the spectrum is the rapidly expanding range of uber-healthy foods, made from seaweed, hemp, kale and so on. These are very good for you, but they often don't taste great. Consequently, they don't sell great either, and are destined to occupy small and specialised niches on the retail shelf for some time to come.

Feel good food is the happy medium. This is the kind of food that combines the carbs we love and the ingredients with the health-giving properties of something like seaweed. Combined the right way, with the right seaweed blends, and you don't get carbs that taste like the ocean. You get the carbs you need, you get the health benefits, and you don't get the seaweed taste. You feel good about your food, and you turn snacks and mealtimes from guilty pleasures into guilt-free pleasures.

We understand this happy medium, which is why we produce the smRt range of pastas and health bars that are the convenient way to maintain your carb intake and stay healthy. They contain the right amount of dried, milled seaweed ingredients to give you your daily allowance of health-giving minerals like iodine, and they taste great.

All of the seaweed benefits, and none of the seaweed taste, That's feel good food.

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