Are You Ready for smRt Pasta?

Pasta range 25.07.18.jpg

You can already use the smRt range of seaweed ingredients for your baking, cooking and garnishes. There's smRt bake for breads, hard cheeses and chocolate, smRt stock for soups, stews, sauces and marinades, and smRt dulse for flavoured butters, cheeses, condiments and garnishes. We've spent years perfecting the right processes and blends so you can make healthy choices and put the seaweed goodness - with none of the seaweed taste - into your meals. And, as you can see from the picture above, there's even a recipe for making fasta pasta in our recipes section.

We're about to go one step further to make it more convenient and quick for you to maintain your healthy eating lifestyle. We're introducing our smRt pasta range of feel good foods. smRt pasta takes the best of Italian artisan pasta and infuses it with health-giving seaweed for feel good carbs that taste great.

Why should you get into smRt pasta? Here are 10 reasons to try:

  1. These are feel good, guilt-free carbs. Just 2% seaweed ingredients means you're protecting yourself and your family and getting the energy too
  2. It's 'organic plus'. smRt pasta isn't just organic, it's also got the good stuff in it - essential vitamins and minerals in the seaweed
  3. It's perfect for busy and active people who also like to eat healthily
  4. Iodine in seaweed has been proven to help with a host of important functions, from your skin to your thyroid and normal growth in your kids
  5. This isn't your regular pasta, this is artisan Italian pasta, hand-made using traditional methods
  6. It tastes great! You don't taste the sea, but you get the seaweed benefits
  7. It's 100% organic and is 100% free from colourings, preservatives and additives
  8. It's a good source of fibre and protein, and is ideal for vegans, vegetarians and pescetarians
  9. Did we mention it's convenient and quick?
  10. The seaweed ingredient is smRt bake, sustainably sourced from Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way

How many reasons do you need to embrace guilt-free carbs?

Coming soon to a health food store and fine dining shop near you, distributed in Ireland by Wholefoods: the smRt pasta range. Contact us to find out more.