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Amazing Algae


30,000 reasons to make you feel good

Seaweeds are algae, a group of marine plants we also call sea vegetables. There are 30,000 species, which we group into brown, red and green. We’ve been putting seaweeds into skin care, cosmetics and food production for a long time.

Seaweed is the low GI superfood of the 21st century. The western world has woken up to the longer, healthier life of Japanese people who eat seaweed on a daily basis.

Including tiny portions of our smRt seaweed ingredients in your food, or enjoying our range of pasta and health bars, helps promote a healthy lifestyle and has proven health benefits. And since seaweed naturally keeps your bread fresh for much longer, it has a major economic benefit as well

The smRt ranges contain a carefully crafted blend of seaweeds to give you all the benefits of the seaweed, but without the seaweed taste. Of course, if you love the taste of seaweed, then simply increase the quantity of the smRt ingredient into your food.

Seaweed in your food is better for your health, and better for the planet. It’s the goodness inside.

Feel great and reduce salt intake

Anima sana in corpore sano – a healthy body, a healthy mind. An increasingly large number of people are cutting out the bad stuff, the heavily processed foods, and upping their intake of the good stuff: natural, healthy foods.

Seaweed contains soluble fibre, which leads us to feel fuller for longer, and can help lower bad cholesterol. A healthy lifestyle increases our performance, and when we’re physically well, we’re mentally at the top of our game too.

A good healthy diet is the twin sibling of regular exercise, and many active people are creating their own meals to support their lifestyle and their families too. They’re eating smRt pasta at meal times and smRt health bars for healthy snacks. They’re also baking their own healthy bread and even making their own healthy pasta. The smRt range and recipes are key to this lifestyle.

As a species we’re addicted to sugar and salt, and we use salt for more flavour all the time. Seaweed contains umami, a natural glutamate and a flavour enhancer for savoury foods. Eating foods with the seaweed goodness inside helps health-conscious people reduce their salt intake and still enjoy their meals.

dulse Galway seaweed.JPG

Seaweed is naturally rich in vitamins, key nutrients and health-promoting compounds, which is great for functional foods (these are foods which do more for your bodily functions than simply nutrition).

A natural gift

Iodine for good thyroid function (and more besides)

Are you getting your 150 µg of iodine a day? Iodine naturally occurs in seaweed and the European Food Safety Authority authorises a bunch of health benefits from the right levels of iodine intake. These include normal thyroid function, normal metabolism, good cognitive function, normal nervous system function, the maintenance of normal skin, and the normal growth of children.

Cardiovascular benefits

‘Oxidative stress’ is a key element in various diseases like heart disease. Because of the environment in which seaweed grows, it’s naturally rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants are always on the hunt for nasty free radicals which can cause cell dysfunction and cell death.

Reduced risk of obesity and diabetes

Excess weight can induce insulin resistance which can then lead to type 2 diabetes. Seaweed contains fucoxanthin and alginates which scientists believe help with increased energy expenditure and anti-obesity.

Reduced risk of cancer

For some time the medical community has been looking at alternatives to chemotherapy, which does not always work. Carotenoids – including our old friend fucoxanthin – are naturally present in seaweed and scientists are continuing to study their anticancer properties.

Reduced risk of dementia

Alzheimers and Parkinsons diseases happen when an enzyme affects acetycholine levels. Some seaweeds have reduced the production of this damaging enzyme in tests, and research is currently underway on bioactive compounds to explore this further.

smRt foods make economic sense

Businesses in the UK and Ireland are throwing away nearly half of all the bread they make or buy. Fresh bread goes off quickly, especially once we’ve sliced it, which is why nearly half of it ends up in the bin.

The seaweed nutrients in smRt bake lock in the hydration, which means a softer bake and bread which stays softer for much longer, long enough that should be able to eliminate your bread waste. The longer your bread lasts, the longer you have to use it. What’s more, the extra hydration means that your bread products freeze and thaw better.

When you can eliminate your bread waste with smRt bake, because your bread stays fresh for longer, you can afford to bake less bread, and you eliminate the costs of having to dispose of all that waste. 

With smRt pasta you can still make a family meal for under a tenner, safe in the knowledge that you’re using the finest Italian pasta with the added health benefits of a little Irish seaweed goodness.

It’s the same story at snack time, where your smRt health bar and your tea or coffee provide a healthy pit stop for around a fiver.

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Following the highest organic standards

The Irish Organic Association (IOA, formerly IOFGA) is Ireland’s leading organic certification body dedicated to certifying organic produce and products throughout Ireland.

IOA has been at the forefront of the organic movement in Ireland since it was established in 1982.

IOA is approved by the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine (DAFM) in the Republic of Ireland and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) in the United Kingdom to provide an inspection and certification scheme pursuant to EC Regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008 as amended.

IOA provides the IOFGA ‘Approved Organic Standard’ certification for famers, growers, processors and retailers while working to promote organic food and farming in Ireland. These standards set out the methods and practices that are recommended in organic farming, and roll up to the EU Group of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). 

All smRt products are certified and approved to EU standards which cover the production and processing of organic aquaculture products. You’ll find us in the Directory of Certified Organic Operators (search for our Irish name by inputting Fiontar in the name field, checking the Ireland circle and pressing search). It means that our smRt range adheres to the highest organic standards.

IOA Logo Green.jpg

We drive our sustainable mission through Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme. Our Origin Green Plan directs us to continuously build upon an ethos of sustainability.

Our sustainable plan


  1. To strive without reserve for the greatest possible traceability and quality in our products, contributing always to the welfare of our customers.

  2. To be the unsurpassed standard of comparison in delivering the functionality of natural foods to consumers.

  3. To continually seek ways in which to bring nature’s vitality to our diet.


  1. Stretch to 100% sustainability-sourced raw material

  2. Plant 100 new trees

  3. Yearly packaging sustainability audit

  4. Create 5 new frog ponds

  5. To have heart healthy bread available across the EU


Our focus is on the consumer and biodiversity

Sustainable garden.png


To plant our 100 new Origin Green trees, we identified a piece of land which we could protect from sheep. We began potting up our trees in November 2017 and we transplanted the first trees into the dedicated area in May 2018.



To create our 5 new frog ponds we had to reclaim the pond area which had been choked by invasive weeds. By December 2017 we’d removed over 2 tonnes of weeds in the hope of attracting frogs in the Spring of 2018. The frogs voted with their feet, or more accurately their spawn, in the late Spring. As the algae built up over the Spring we supplemented the tadpoles’ diet with vegetables like cucumber.  The pond also attracted a diverse range of creatures, including dragon flies, sedge flies, newts and pond skaters.

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