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Goodness Inside


“We have a vision to make people healthier, by helping them put natural seaweed goodness inside their everyday food.”

— James Cunningham, Founder


James and Deirdre Cunningham are the founders and creative force of Connemara Food Ventures, the company behind the smRt range of products. It’s a food ingredients and retail products company, specialising in functional food for bakers, cooks and consumers. The consumer’s and home cook’s desire for a healthier lifestyle for their families inspires our product development. We use our insight and experience to deliver innovative food solutions for our customers and the end consumer, enabling the enjoyment of nutritional products internationally.




Where it began...

Connemara Food Ventures began in 2013, on the back of over 25 years’ experience in the catering industry. We’ve been working on the technical and functional development of the smRt range since then. We have a deep understanding of the technical side of the industry and have refined the formulations to take advantage of current and emerging legislation. 


“We have worked out how to blend and mill a mix of seaweeds into flour or flakes which is added to dry mixes to produce healthier consumer products. We were also very conscious of the increasing demand for reduced salt in our diets and that there was very little in the way of alternatives to salt that could achieve this. Our ingredients allow our customers to reduce salt content by up to 50% and sugar by 20% while adding key nutrients such as iodine to breads and processed foods.”

—James Cunningham, CEO, Connemera Food Ventures


Research Pedigree


Developed by science

Bakers, chefs and seaweed scientists have contributed hundreds of hours to the development of the smRt range. This effort builds on the considerable body of research into the benefits of seaweed to the world’s collective diet and health. The European Food Safety Authority has given its stamp of approval to several health claims for iodine-rich foods like seaweed. These are contributions to normal thyroid hormonal production, normal thyroid function, normal cognitive function, normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal functioning of the nervous system, the maintenance of normal skin and normal growth in children. Several ongoing research projects are also looking to validate the connection between seaweed and better health in the areas of cardiovascular, obesity, diabetes, cancers and dementia.


Culinary Expertise


Backed with years of experience 

We’ve done all the work to make the smRt range really simple to use and get great results every time. We understand food and are passionate about how it helps the lifestyle of our consumers. Deidre is a qualified nutritionist and the Cunninghams jointly ran the award-winning Muilberrys restaurant in the west of Ireland for over 10 years, before devoting themselves full-time to the smRt mission.


“We’re chefs, home cooks, business managers and restraunteurs. We’ve always tried, tested and used the smRt range for preparing meals for ourselves and our 5 children, 2 of whom are pescetarians, so we know what works for healthy, active families. We’ve used the smRt range as restraunteurs too, and a range of businesses take our products so they can pass on the goodness inside to their customers. We’re all about healthy, accessible food and we continue to live this way.”

— Deirdre Cunningham, Co-Founder, Connemera Food Ventures




“Since finding the smRt range I have made seaweed products in almost 20 countries. smRt bake not only adds nutrition but keeps you fuller for longer. The extra hydration achieved by adding smRt bake extends shelf life and assists the crumb structure of the bread”

— Jimmy Griffin, Master Baker


James and Deidre have assembled a diverse and experienced management team to cover all areas of the business, from sourcing and operations through to sales, marketing and customer service. Advisors from the areas of research, science, culinary and functional foods support the management team.

We source organic, sustainable seaweeds and produce the smRt range of products on the west coast of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

We’re an established business with experienced business people and we’re always happy to learn from others and share our deep experience and network in the international food industry.

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