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Seaweed is a Superfood

It promotes good thyroid function, cognitive function, and a healthy metabolism, nervous system, skin and normal growth in children.

Experts also link seaweed to cardiovascular health and reduced risk to obesity, diabetes and cancer.


Be smRt!

We produce milled seaweed granules by air-drying at low temperature to keep "the goodness inside".


Who should be eating smRt products?

- Athletes, professional and amateur

- Healthy, active people

- Pregnant women and women of a certain age

- Vegans, vegetarians and wheat-intolerant people


Why does eating smRt products make you feel good?

- They taste great and are the healthy option to what you already eat

- They contain the health benefits of iodine and other essential minerals

- They’re a valuable source of protein, are high in fibre, gluten free and dairy free

- They make it easy for you improve your nutrition

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100% Natural
100% Organic

100% natural, organic seaweed from Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

The Irish Food Board has certified us in its
Origin Green sustainability program.