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   smRt Organic             Health Bars

The great-tasing snack with health benefits.

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   smRt Organic             Pasta Range

All of the seaweed benefits, none of the seaweed taste.

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Organic Irish Seaweed Ingredients

For healthier bread, pasta, stock.


Air-dried Milled Seaweed Granules

We produce milled seaweed granules by air-drying at low temperature to keep "the goodness inside".

For no seaweed taste, mix 1.5% smRt bake into your bread. To taste the ocean, mix 2% or more.


Seaweed is a Superfood

It promotes good thyroid function, cognitive function, and a healthy metabolism, nervous system, skin and normal growth in children.

Experts also link seaweed to cardiovascular health and reduced risk to obesity, diabetes and cancer.


Our Friends

Ask your local bakery or coffee shop about smRt seaweed breads.


100% Natural
100% Organic

100% natural, organic seaweed from Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

The Irish Food Board has certified us in its
Origin Green sustainability program.