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  great tasting seaweed superfood blends

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Recipe for superfood soda

Simple Irish Brown superfood Soda Bread

Yield is two loaves.. This Nori bake soda stays softer for longer and is loaded with superfood goodness!



1. Sieve soda into flour and salt 

2. Mix in brown sugar and smRt bake

3. Add buttermilk and mix well 

4. Divide the mix into two greased 1.5lb baking tins and sprinkle some oats on top

5. Place in a preheated oven 200c for 45-50 mins 

note: it should sound hollow if you knock on the bottom of the tin

6. Wrap in a clean damp cloth and allow to cool.


350g plain flour

350g wholemeal flour

2 teaspoons of smRt Bake

25g brown sugar

0.5g salt

1.25 teaspoon bread soda

0.75-0.85ltr buttermilk

some porridge oats for sprinkling..

This superfood soda freezes really well!